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About Glow Candle Co.

Of all the senses, smell is capable of transporting you back in time to a favorite destination or memory.

I have always had a passion for travel and when I can't, I long for something that will instantly take me to one of my favorite locales. Glow Candle Co. came from the desire to create something that will remind you of one of your favorite journeys.

Scent is unique to each person, but my hopes are that I have created a fragrance line that just about anyone will love.

Hand poured in small batches in St. Louis, Glow candles are made with all natural, eco-friendly soy wax derived from American grown soybeans.

Lead-free cotton wicks and premium-grade fragrance oils allow for a clean 70-hour burn time. Candles have no dyes and are non-toxic.

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